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Legislation and Appropriations

In the 2023-2024 session, I procured $250K appropriation to study the creation of a Department of Housing. I will continue to advocate for policies that invest in affordable housing development, homeownership, and support tenants' rights. This includes funding programs that provide rental assistance, mental health services, and job training for those experiencing homelessness. I support increasing the availability of low- and middle-income housing through incentives for developers and public-private partnerships. Additionally, I will work to expand access to services such as legal assistance for tenants and eviction prevention programs to help people remain stably housed.


I am committed to working towards improving police accountability and transparency in my district. This includes supporting legislation that provides for independent investigations of police misconduct, establishing clear use-of-force policies that prioritize de-escalation, and requiring training for law enforcement on racial bias and community engagement. I also support community oversight of police actions and the establishment of civilian review boards to ensure accountability and trust between law enforcement and the community. I was the second sponsor on HB 2414-Prohibiting the use of hog-tying.

Among the significant bills I've sponsored are HB 1520, which ensures election dates are clearly displayed on ballot envelopes, and HB 1694, which facilitates installment payments for tenants. I am also proud of HB 1210, which updates cannabis terminology to be more inclusive, and HB 1827, which establishes a Community Reinvestment Fund to support underserved areas.

Furthering equity in the cannabis industry is a priority, as demonstrated by HB 1443, and recognizing Juneteenth as a state-paid holiday through HB 1016 underscores our commitment to honoring our diverse history. HB 2602, known as the Crown Act, addresses hair discrimination, while HB 1688 supports resident student veterans. My efforts to protect against harassment in the legislature are evident in HB 2018, and I brought a touch of fun to our state with HB 1020, designating Suciasaurus Rex as Washington’s state dinosaur.

In terms of budget appropriations, I have secured funding for various crucial initiatives. This includes $135,000 for sex trafficking education and a substantial $200 million for the Community Reinvestment Fund and Reconciliation Account. Additionally, $200,000 has been allocated to assess the suitability of lands, while $180,000 is designated for promoting equity in farming and ranching.

As mentioned, a Department of Housing study has received $250,000, and a significant $1.875 million has been directed towards a homeless shelter in Spanaway. I've also championed a $200,000 incorporation study and secured $1 million for the design of the Parkland Community Center. The IBJ Thrive Center has received $75,000, and $150,000 is allocated for a Maritime University study. Furthermore, a hospital study aimed at addressing the needs of marginalized communities has been funded with $500,000.

Altogether, these appropriations total $6,566,890, reflecting my dedication to supporting diverse and essential initiatives that will benefit our district and state.

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